How to


Installation is done with install_db_specify.php During the installation you need to create a Sysamin account and specify the access data for the database on which DBeasy should run. The path to the ADOdb files has to set in this step.

Notice: For further information read the included readme.txt

What can be done?

Notice: This will be just a short summary of what DBeasy's possibilities. More information about how to work with DBeasy can be found in the context-sensitive help (in form of a question mark) within the system.

Sysadmins care about

  • installation of the system
  • user administration (create, delete, edit)
For a Formadmin account you need at least one database, at least one publication folder, username, name and password.

Formadmins have the possibilities to

  • create, edit and delete tables within his/her assigned database
  • create, edit, delete and publish several form types
  • set form dependencies
  • create, edit and delete CSS styles
During those tasks the Formadmin is guided by a wizard-like user interface.

After publication of the forms by the Formadmin the Enduser can utillize them in form insert, change, review and search data depending on the form type.